Tips from our Coaches

Tips from our Coaches

How to get your kid playing tennis! Fast!!

Many times when you look at children starting with tennis, you will find them, like the pros, hitting and swinging big
Basically there are two ways getting the ball over the net and in the court. Teach and demonstrate what a good point of contact is. Once they get what the right racket face position, they do understand the concept of playing and therefore the concept of the game of tennis.

The easiest way for a beginner kid to get the ball over the net is with an open racket face and little or no backswing. This has several advantages:

• Your child will get an understanding of how the racket can work for you rather than you working the ball.
• It enhances control rather than develops massive backswings.
• Your child will be able to rally very quickly. If they can rally they play.

Here are three quick exercises which can be done pretty much everywhere with a ball and a tennis racket:

1. Stop and Catch

2. Bucket Target

3. Target Rally